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Vannguard Utility Partners, Inc. is committed to the safety and future of its employees, utility clients, the excavation community and the general public by supplying highly-trained and motivated personnel with the purpose of identifying and marking all known underground facilities where excavation will occur.

As underground construction continues to rise, so does the need for protection of the buried utility infrastructure.  The utility industry and the One-Call centers have formed a system that is designed to prevent damages to buried utility facilities.  Each state has a dispatch center that is free for anyone to call who plans to excavate.  The information received by the dispatch center will be relayed to the utilities to mark the location of their buried facilities.  Some utilities choose to use an outside source that specializes in locating underground facilities.

The utilities Vannguard represents have high expectations that we will protect the integrity of their underground systems while portraying a positive image to the community.  Vannguard was formed and is committed to the principles of total damage prevention.  We will be dedicated to our employees, the utilities, the excavation community and the general public by dealing with all of those parties with honesty, integrity and reliability.



 "We consider Vannguard to be an extension of the utilities we work for.  That's why it is imperative that each employee represents Vannguard and our partners with a positive and professional image while protecting the infrastructure of  the utilities"

Randy Bern, President & CEO

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